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Franchising Done with Transparency & Honesty

Growth Club is a sales/growth consultancy hyper focused on doing franchising the right way. It is on a mission to disrupt franchising.

Lack of Transparency

We have established 1851 as a credible resource for those looking for franchise education. Thus, through years of perfecting our storytelling and support to the franchise buying community, we have also gained inquires that haven’t been processed – because we didn’t have the support network that Growth Club has. As a part of 1851, we will make connections to you. There is a catch, of course, as we have a universal commission rule for 1851 brands.

FSO Models Shouldn’t Be One Size Fits All

With an already established franchise marketing, consultancy and content business, we saw an opportunity to service the needs of our clients, customized. Thus, we built a multi-layered solution for helping franchisees, franchisors and franchise brokers.

Franchise Fees Are Too High

The franchise fee is meant to onboard a franchisee successful. Along the way, franchisors got confused. Franchise fees are not where they make money – rather royalties. If you don’t invest in the franchisee’s success, then you leave money on the table. Thus, we want the fees to go almost entirely to driving unit-level success.


Everyone who joins the club must have a great answer to this question:
How have you impacted franchising?


Nick Powills


Brian Polt

Franchise Growth Specialist

Who Is Nick Powills?

Much like a franchisee, franchisor or a franchise broker – I went through a moment of change. I was done working for someone else. I just needed to figure out a pathway to success.

I quit. These are the most powerful words of an entrepreneur or franchisee. It is the first step toward their next risk and next reward. I said it, as have many other founders, first-time franchisees and franchise brokers. Then, you go to work – leveraging your grit and hustle to build something magical. I have done this in franchising since 2004. I started my first franchise marketing agency in 2008 and have extended it. No Limit Agency, 1851 Franchise, Mainland, FranCamp and now Growth Club. Here’s my personal story.

How We Stand Out

When you are on a mission to disrupt, you must continue to challenge the status quo. We do this for prospective franchisees, franchisors and franchise brokers.

We didn’t have this in our plan. Too many franchisors have unrealistic goals and are hyper focused on selling vs awarding franchises. Thus, we didn’t think we could achieve what =winning against these expectations. And then things changed. We listened to the needs of franchisees, franchisors and brokers. We saw an opportunity to do things better. So, we launched Growth Club – on a mission to help transform lives with transparency.

Growth Club Core Values

Helping franchisees transform their families, franchisors grow at a strong pace, and helping franchise brokers really educate.

Growth Club Core Values

Helping franchisees transform their families, franchisors grow at a strong pace, and helping franchise brokers really educate.

We Are Here To Disrupt:

We are not satisfied with status quo in franchising


We are on a mission to educate franchisees about franchising

Winning Driven:

Every conversation starts with what = winning.

In It For The Long-Term:

We don’t just sell to sell, we work with brands that want to be with us for a long time and franchisees who want to scale.

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