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Franchise Brokers Don’t Need to Scale Alone

No franchise broker, consultant or coach becomes successful without help. Sure, hustle and grit help build local connections to people who want to become franchise owners, but shouldn’t your brand and story lead you to more opportunities?

Franchise Broker Marketing Funnel

In order to capture the attention of franchise buyers, you have to have a net. Growth Club helps you set-up your funnel – website for leads; content & PR for buzz; digital for maximized reach; and email/storytelling campaigns for education. We help you establish your why you/why now so that candidates connect with your story and build interest in using you to help them find the right franchise opportunity.

1851 Has Leads

We have established 1851 as a credible resource for those looking for franchise education. Thus, through years of perfecting our storytelling and support to the franchise buying community, we have also gained inquires that haven’t been processed – because we didn’t have the support network that Growth Club has. As a part of 1851, we will make connections to you. There is a catch, of course, as we have a universal commission rule for 1851 brands.

Brand Research & Inventory

With 1851 establishing itself as a growth resource for 100 franchise brands, you have access to those brands for sending leads/facilitating deals for. Additionally, we feel that greed is the killer of greatness. Thus, we believe in giving you the freedom to work within any network. We are on a mission to improve franchisee education and franchisor growth (someone who scales impacts the zor tremendously). Thus, if you are on that mission with us, we want you to win. Winning for you will be in volume of the RIGHT deals.

Secret to Finding Franchise Leads

The secret to gaining more franchise leads, for you, the franchise broker, franchise consultant or franchise coach – is you. Your story mixed with a buzz engine. Let us explain.

First, you MUST humanize your story. Your story (including your journey to being an entrepreneur) is the hook of credibility. It is what will encourage a franchise candidate to believe you have something to offer them as an entrepreneurial consultant. Then, you have to pour gasoline on the fire.

Every time you work with a new candidate, every time they sign a deal, every time they open, every milestone, and every time they expand gives you an opportunity to extend your story of impact.

Essentials to Franchise Broker Marketing

As a franchise consultant, whether you like it or not, your competition is every franchisor and every franchise consultant vying for the attention of the franchise candidate. You must establish fundamentals.

Just like any brand, you have to have essentials to win at lead generation. A great positioning/messaging, A great website. A great marketing campaign connected into digital advertising. A great in-market strategy. A great content and drip campaign plan. And a great execution model.

The Future of Franchise Brokers

Franchise brokers play an incredible role in the success of candidate > franchisee. They, as an industry, have done an incredible job of establishing themselves as experts locally. Today and tomorrow will require innovation to maintain that excellence.

Franchise fees have skyrocketed, and franchisors are becoming less and less tolerant of paying those fees. Additionally, the FTC is carefully watching the behaviors of consultants who bend the rules when it comes to franchise information sharing. Franchise consultants don’t go away, but the model will change. 1851 Growth Club wants to rewrite the best-practices with honesty, transparency and successful consultancy modeling.

Scaling Your Business

New franchise candidates into your system and existing franchise candidates scaling their relationship with you. New franchisors into your system and existing franchisor clients scaling the depth of their relationship with you. Scale and ongoing – this is where you want to get to as a business owner. Since 1851 has built the content, digital and PR lead generation model, it is designed to fill the pipeline. Then, our coaching team is designed to coach you to grow your business.

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